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  The company through many years development,We have rich products series、Can meet the needs of users of different industries,Can make our products for global customers with one-stop supply and solutions!


  Independent research and development of core technologies,Advanced production equipment and process、Provides a strong guarantee for the product、Make the products regardless of appearance or quality、Is first among the peers。

 Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD


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  In essence every employee realize,To provide users with satisfactory quality products is the responsibility,Get the user's satisfaction,Can win trust、Win the market。

 Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD

  Jing wei all products in accordance with the international、Countries、Industry standard production,The core components all adopt the imported、100A number of product quality control、Ensure that the product factory100%To be qualified。 


 Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD

Fine casting、The diamond quality

 Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD

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 Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD


  Sale:Offers a variety of products according to customer's actual demand,For the user to choose from,Recommend the most valuable products and solution。

  After sales:Commitment18Months long warranty,Professional maintenance for life,In a timely manner、Perfect after-sale support、Allows you to rest assured purchase、Ease to use,Unified national service hotlineaa0000-00-0-0-0-099000000-00-0-0-0-07608Throughout the day24Hours to provide you with pre-sale、After consulting services。

  Pre-sale:Detailed understanding of customer needs,Show the product parameters,The image,Functional advantages。


 Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD

  Through many years accumulation,Proud achievements obtained in the market,Products have been gradually replace similar foreign products、User acceptance and trust!

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 Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD


  Jing wei has a high efficient product development、The technical team,With rich experience in the field of automation instrument design and development,Are engaged in this industry20Years of above、Know the product structure principle and the needs of customers、Can be used according to user's actual needs,Customized professional products and solutions。


Professional team、Independent research and development

 Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD

  Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD、Is a collection of scientific research、Production、Sales、Services for the integration of high-tech enterprises。The company has a skilled、Unity and cooperation、Research and development team to forge ahead,Advanced production equipment,Scientific and reasonable production process,At the same time also constantly strengthen the research and development innovation。In order to improve the quality of the product,Improve the technical performance,Meet user requirements,Provide strong guarantee。Company after 10 years of struggle,Proud achievements obtained in the market,Market share is always keep the leading level,Has gradually replace similar foreign products,Industries are popular with the customers。



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 Guangzhou jing wei automation technology co., LTD

Common problems

The answer to that
Principle:Make use of the thermistor in a certain temperature range,There is a linear relationship resistance value and temperature value of temperature measuring principle。
Common thermal resistance:Platinum resistance、Copper resistance、Manganese resistance、Carbon resistance。
Operation:The thermal resistance in the transmission of resistance measurement signal,The three wire system,This is for when the transfer,To reduce the error of measurement caused by resistance of the wire。When the check its value,Should pay attention to which two wires for thread。
The answer to that
The parameter to be measured sensitivity is used to express the measuring instrument sensitive degree of change。Sensitivity caused by instrument measuring the change of the indicated value and the change of the ratio of the measured parameters variation。Sensitive limit is guidance instrument visible changes in the indicated value of the smallest change of the measured parameters。
The answer to that
Permissible error refers to the instrument in normal circumstances stipulated by the allowed maximum percentage error。The precision of the instrument refers to the permissible error remove percent(%)After the value。Precision grade is uniform provisions of the state,Divided into a series of standard percentage value。

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